May 27, 2024

Due to legalization and medical benefits, the consumption of cannabis has seen a rise. Bruce Banner strain is one such weed that’s hard to forget. 

The strain works to fight dullness. Bruce Banner strain fans swear by this Sativa- dominant strain for its intense and energetic heady high.


Characteristics of the Bruce Banner plant

Bruce Banner seed is a feminized regular cannabis seed. It gets all its power and from its genetics. The world got this potent weed when Dark Horse Genetics crossed OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. So, it has a diesel aroma with sweet notes.


The growing details of Bruce Banner

The plant takes around ten weeks to flower and is ideal for growing in rainy conditions with high humidity levels. It is a high production plant and is popular due to its hybrid structure. 

The plant has a morphology similar to OG Kush and flaunts elongated, thick buds. It is ready to harvest by October –end in the outdoor. And it gives a yield of 800 grams yield per plant. 


Bruce Banner Effects

THC of 30% makes Bruce Banner desirable. The Sativa 60% component makes it a Sativa- dominant strain. 

The smell is spicy, and the flavors are sweet and fruity. Bruce Banner provides a body high, creativity, energizing euphoria, and a mood boost.



The strain is a potent as its alter ego, the Hulk. Source your Bruce Banner weed seed from Homegrown Cannabis Co and also get the growing suggestions.