May 27, 2024


For good health, you need to combine exercise with the right eating habits. Being healthy includes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Here are some tips to help you accomplish your fitness goals:


  • Practice active living


Long inactive periods result in depression, anger, lethargy, and frustration. Including some form of physical activity in your life will make you more energetic and improve your mood. Doing moderate to intense activity three to five times a week is advisable. These include:

  • Heavy lifting and strength training using bodyweight, kettlebell, barbells, and dumbbells helps weight management, enhances metabolism, and increases energy levels
  • Cardio workouts like kickboxing, circuit training, and sprinting improve body composition and boost the production of growth hormones
  • Mobility and flexibility workouts like warm-up and stretching can help you become agile


  • Adopt a nutritious diet


A healthy diet comprising nutrients, minerals, and vitamins is essential for your body to function well. You must: 

  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet
  • Eliminate or restrict the intake of junk food
  • Avoid alcohol


  • Reduce stress


Negative emotions and stress affect your health, and you need to manage these effectively. Smiling and laughing more often, exercising regularly, and meditation helps relieve stress and keep you emotionally happy.


  • Get enough sleep


When you sleep, your body regenerates and recovers, and a lack of proper sleep results in several disorders. Get at least six to eight hours of sleep every night to avoid poor hormonal profile, increased cravings for sugar, and lower muscle mass. 


  • Avail of health insurance


A cashless health insurance plan plays an important role in reducing your worries. With such a policy, you are financially stable in case of a diagnosis of a medical condition. Here is how mediclaim is helpful:

  • It pays for hospitalization expenses
  • It offers cashless services within network hospitals
  • It provides enhanced coverage via No-ClaimBonus (NCB)
  • It offers tax benefits on the premium paid

Health returns for an active lifestyle

You may find it difficult to stay active and remain healthy due to an erratic schedule. However,medical insurance providers offer reward points toencourage you to follow a healthy lifestyle. You may use an activity tracking app to track your fitness goals. Additionally, you can:

  • Take pictures, as they motivate you to continue moving towards your goals
  • Check girth measurements at the start and periodically to track your progress
  • Use body fat calipers to determine body composition; identify problem areas and focus on them

Insurers offer health returns, which are reward points for staying fit and active. You may redeem these points for premium payment, diagnostic tests, or medicines.

Get active, enjoy returns, and do not forget timely health insurance renewal for continued coverage.